Tuesday, 22 November 2011

When the Preview is the Best Part

I admit, I got burned on a recent Marvel purchase.

*X-23 #17 Spoilers!*

I saw the preview for this comic and it looked like a lot of fun, so I thought I'd get purchase the digital copy to read on my tablet.  Something I think a lot of comics miss these days is the fun factor, and from this preview page alone made me think this issue would be a lot of fun.

Full preview can be found at

That last panel alone lead me to think this would be great fun, so I downloaded it.  Now to be clear, the previewed pages are a lot of fun!  X-23 is an assassin trying to learn how to live like a normal girl, and babysitting is a pretty common activity for young girls (and boys; my first job was a three times a week babysitting gig).  Throw in the shenanigans kids can get into, then amplify that by the setting of the Baxter Building, and we're in for a fun ride.

The problem is, the preview pages were by far the best part of the issue.  I made the assumption the preview pages were the opening pages of the book, and I would therefore be treated to 20-22 pages of babysitting adventure.  In actuality, the preview pages didn't show up until the middle of the book, after dealing with some Schism housekeeping details that I'm not terribly interested in.

The book ends with the kids and X-23 off on a madcap adventure, but I had hoped I was getting a one-and-done when I bought the book.  I'm going to have to research if #18 wraps everything up or if this will be a 4 part arc, because I'm not willing to shell out full price on a digital run of a comic; the odd issue here or there is okay, but not on a regular basis.

The issue is a fun one; if I hadn't of already read the preview pages I would have liked it more.  The art is good, the story is good, the dialogue is good, it's not a bad issue at all.  It's just too bad that the best part of the issue was in the preview pages (or too bad I bought the book not knowing I'd already read the best pages!).

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