Thursday, 18 August 2011

An Amazing Fantasy

Welcome one and all, well, if I'm being honest, right now I am the "one"...anyway, I'd like to give a big howdy to readers of my new blog!  For awhile now I've wanted a place to share my thoughts on the world of comics, so I thought to myself "Self, git 'er done", and lo' and behold Does Whatever a Comics Blog Can was born.

I want to use this space to share my thoughts on comics.  I read a variety of titles, from Captain America to Fables to Bone, and I will be bouncing around to whatever I want to talk about.  If you're looking for dirt and discussion on the very latest book this probably won't be the place for you, considering I live 2 hours away from my comic shop and cannot get there weekly.  But if you love comics and are looking for discussion about the industry, old favourites, and anything comics related then this could be the place for you.  I can guarantee multiple posts about the Avengers, the Martian Manhunter, and Squirrel Girl, if that helps any.

So I hope you enjoy the read, and I'm always happy to discuss anything I've posted in the comments section!

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