Thursday, 8 September 2011

Avengers Assemble: The Webseries

The rise of Youtube has lead to some pretty cool fan made comics content to be seen by the masses.  One such series is Avengers Assemble.  It is basically The Office meets the Avengers, and it is a fun little series.  Much as any series, I feel that it feels itself out for what it wants to be in the first season and is stronger in the second season (my personal theory is most shows do not reach their full potential until the third season).

The crew working on Avengers Assemble have obviously put some money into the series, as some of the costumes look really good.  Each character is distinctive, in a stylized-for-the-series kind of way.  Lots of guest stars make appearances too, which makes for some fun bits.

If you want a testament to the quality of the series, Stan Lee himself guest stars in the latest episode (which I am about to watch!).  If Stan the Man can take the time to shoot an episode then do yourself a favour and spend the time checking it out!

Be warned, there is some foul language in the series, which tends to take me out of the story a bit I have to admit.  I'd give it a PG-13 for language and content.  For links to the episodes, and for information on the series, go to!

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