Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Invincible Iron...Penance?

This week has been pretty busy for me so my apologies for the lack of proper articles, but I saw this and thought I'd share it.  It's a promo from Marvel for "The Mighty", part of the Fear Itself event I'm ignoring.  When I saw the image though, my first thought was "Is that Iron Man or Penance?".  I know it's Iron Man, but wow, it sure is hard to tell!

This really is a weird assortment of costumes.  Iron Man and Wolverine look completely different (Wolverine is easily recognizable but as I said Iron Man looks way too much like Penance), Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist and Spider-Man have different costumes but are easily identifiable, and it looks like they just got lazy with Hawkeye and black Widow by just adding neon lines to their regular costumes.  No comment on Dr. Strange and She-Rulk there since I don't follow the titles they're in enough to know what they normally look like these days.

I'll do a "Why I Skip Events" post later, but from what I've seen online I don't feel like I'm missing much from Fear Itself.  Outside of the cosmic books (Annihilation, War of Kings, etc) I can't remember the last event from Marvel that was actually very good.


  1. I get the feeling they were going for "Iron Destroyer" more than Penance, myself. (But black, red and spikes does conjure that image, I guess.)

  2. Strange looks much like he has been lately just with added a neon line on his coat & the added staff. Can't tell if She-Rulk is any different since I haven't read a Hulk comic in years.

    With this costume it means Spider-Man has 3 costumes he currently wears: this 1, his normal red/blue classic suit & the one he wears when he's out doing Future Foundation stuff.