Friday, 9 September 2011

Fantasy Curling: Team Marvel

avengers east west baseball Pictures, Images and PhotosNewsarama had a fun article detailing their own NFL Fantasty Football team made up of Marvel characters.  It was a neat read, though as a devout Canadian Football League fan I don't really care for the NFL.  I've always enjoyed the classic Avengers East vs Avengers West baseball games, because mixing superheroes and sports is fun.  The sport I know the most about is curling, since I coach kids from ages 6 all the way up to adults, and it's my blog and I' I want to.

Anyway, if you know nothing about curling, get ready to learn a little about the sport!

There are four positions on a curling team.  The Lead, Second, Third, and Skip.  Each team member needs a certain skill set, which roughly break down as the following:

Lead - Needs a light tough to place rocks in place to set up your strategy for the end.  Also needs to have strong sweeping skills, meaning power, endurance, and good judgement.

Second - Needs to be able to bring the heat, clearing opponents rocks as needed.  Also needs the same sweeping skills as the Lead.

Third - Needs to be able to throw all kinds of shots, also contributes to the calling of the game's strategy.

Skip - The leader of the team, needs to be able to throw any and all type of shots.  Cool under pressure, they excel with the game on the line and call all the shots of the game.

So with these skill sets in mind, who would I chose among the heroes of the Marvel Universe to make up my team?  Since curling is traditionally divided into men's and women's divisions, let's take a look at both.  For the men's side...

Lead: Daredevil
Daredevil's radar sense make him a great judge of the weight of the rocks.  With his radar sense, he will easily be able to detect how far the rocks are from each other and the speed at which they're traveling.  He would even be able to detect the variations in the pebble of the ice, helping him to find straight spots in the ice or areas where the rock will travel quicker or slower.

Second: Hawkeye
Aim is so important in curling I just couldn't leave Hawkeye out.  The harder you throw the rock the more difficult it is to hit the target, and Hawkeye doesn't miss no matter what.

Third: Cyclops
Cyclops has spent countless hours working on his aim, and more importantly, his angles.  Cyke has an intrinsic feel for spatial relations, meaning he will be an expert in predicting how rocks will react when they hit each other.  He is a gifted strategist and will be able to offer sound tactical advice to the skip.

Skip: Captain America
The ultimate team leader, Cap never bows under the pressure.  With his years of shield slinging he will be able to predict exactly how the rocks will react.  His strategic mind is second to none, and strategy is extremely important in the game of curling.

Next time...the women's team!

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