Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Crossovers Too Awesome to Happen

Like most fans out there, I love a good inter-company crossover.  There is something really exciting about seeing favourite characters that cannot interact normally on the same page.  Sure, we've had some duds like Marvel vs DC, which was ambitious but any comic that shows Wolverine beating Lobo gets a big thumbs down from me, but we've also had some gems like X-men/Teen Titans and JLA/Avengers.

The crossovers I've mentioned were all big cosmic end-of-all-existence type stories, which certainly have their place.  But I've always enjoyed the quieter moments when these characters meet, like the Avengers and the JLA working together modifying one of Aquaman's aquatic vehicles for dimensional travel.  I still maintain one of the best inter-company crossovers ever was Superman/Gen13.  I have passing knowledge of Gen13 but honestly do not know a ton about the characters, which was probably one reason I picked up this crossover, to learn more about them.  The mini-series did not disappoint, as it was a completely character-driven story; the heroes did not fight each other once, and I couldn't have cared less.

It is in that vein that I'd love to see the following crossovers, but since there wouldn't be enough explosions and cosmic peril I doubt they would ever see print.

Thor and Wonder Woman - Rather than tell a tale of the Amazons versus the Asgardians, I would explore a sort of diplomatic exchange, where Asgard sends a delegation to Themyscira and vice versa.  Can you imagine the shenanigans the Warriors Three would get up to on an island filled with only women, especially Fandral?  I'm sure Artemis would love to do some training with the Valkyries.  And in the end if you need a big battle, I'm sure that Loki and Ares (DC) could come up with some delicously diabolical plot to foil.

Justice League International (Giffen/Dematteis) and the Great Lakes Avengers - This would simply be comic gold, playing these teams up together.  I could easily see a card tournament breaking out when these teams get together, with the loser having to accept G'Nort onto their roster!

Captain Marvel and Power Pack - Power Pack is a group of kids trying to make it as superheroes in an adult world.  Captain Marvel is a kid who can transform into an adult.  I think the potential for a really fun and poignant all ages tale is here just waiting to be exploited.

Iron Man and Batman vs Lex Luthor - I don't want to see these guys slug it out in suits of armour, I want to see a board room battle royale.  I'd love to see a corporate espionage style of tale that sees LuthorCorp trying a hostile takeover of Stark Industries, with Batman coming to Iron Man's aid.

Edwin Jarvis and Alfred Pennyworth - We've had the Justice League battle it out with the Avengers, but now I'd love to see these two gentlemen's gentlemen sit down for a spot of tea to swap war stories.  This would have been a great back-up feature to JLA/Avengers.

I could go on and on regarding this subject, but what about you?  What crossovers have you always wanted to see?


  1. Wasn't the Superman/Gen13 crossover the one where Caitlin Fairchild, after losing her memory thanks to a bump on the noggin, thought she was Supergirl? That was so stupid it was endearing.

  2. Yes, the Gen 13 kids were watching Superman fight a giant robot or something and Fairchild got bonked on the head. First thing she saw when her wits were back about her was Superman, and since she didn't remember who she was and had powers, she assumed she was Supergirl.

    That part is a little hokey, sure, but the series explored why Superman was such a great hero through the eyes of the Gen 13 kids. I think I may have to re-read this mini when I get home tonight!

  3. I kind of like Marvel Vs. DC if only because it lead into the one of my favorite crossover/event comic book(s) ever: Amalgam.

    Your JLI/GLA team up idea got me thinking of a 2 part story DC did a few years back. It was the Brave and The Bold series, which had a number of cool team ups but probably my favorite team up from that series was the 2 part story near the end of the series. Part 1 was the Legion of Super-Heroes meet the Doom Patrol. Part 2 The Legion of Substitute Heroes meet up with the Inferior Five. There is 1 story told across the 2 issues. Part 1 the story is told from one perspective & Part 2 is told from another & once you've read both issues: you get the full story. It's a pretty fun read.

  4. I will say that as bad as Marvel vs DC was, Amalgam was pretty damn awesome.

    That Legion crossover story sounds like a lot of fun!