Friday, 23 September 2011

Youtube Friday - Ninja Turtles Meets TMNT

Starting, well, now, I'm going to start featuring a cool or fun Youtube video each Friday.  Several people have told me they heard about the Avengers Assemble webseries from this blog, so if I can point you in the direction of something else fun, why not?

Alas, today's entry doesn't really lead to a series like Avengers Assemble, rather it's a video that yours truly put together.  Just for fun, I took footage from the computer animated TMNT movie and used it to create an "opening credits" sequence set to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon theme song.  Check it out dude!

EDIT: Now this is annoying!  I pulled up the video on Youtube, watched it once, then posted it.  Apparently that was all that was needed to alert the killjoys at WMG and my video was taken down.  This has been on Youtube for a few years now so for it to all of a sudden get taken down is frustrating.

I can feel a blog post ranting about the stupidity the studios have for quashing fan content coming on!

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